Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great Photo Scavenger Hunt

A friend of mine is participating in The Great Photo Scavenger Hunt, and I figured I would join in on the fun.

Essentially, you just go out and take pictures (ie. don't use your archives) of whatever these words mean to you.  When you're done, post them on your blog!

No contest.  Just fun.

This is the 4th round of the game... but I figure it's better to join in late than never :)

(You can check out my friend Sara's first, second, and third lists, if you would like!)  

1. arrow
2. crushed
3. duct tape
4. hole
5. your state
6. money
7. contrast
8. western
9. nothing
10. vending machine
11. missing
12. four
13. old-fashioned
14. laundry
15. weapon
16. the letter “A”
17. puff
18. red
19. palm
20. water tower
21. game
22. wrong
23. ownership
24. label
25. toy

I started on my pictures this morning.  Then I dropped my camera, and it broke.  Whoops!  It wasn't really that big of a bummer, though, because it just meant that I had to (got to) buy a new camera today.  The new camera makes me even more excited to play the game!  Stay tuned... I'll post my pictures soon!


Laura said...

ooohhhhh. This is tempting. I may want in. I look forward to seeing your list!