Monday, July 18, 2011

you may or may not know this...

... but I am married.

Yes.  On Saturday, July 9th, I married this guy.  Bengt.  The love of my life.  It was a perfect day.  A perfect wedding.  A perfect reception.  And I am loving married life.  (Well, the first 9 days of it, anyways!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Last summer.

I recently came across this list that I wrote on May 5, 2010:

1.  Host a BBQ at my house.
2.  Go to a Saints game.
3.  Take (and pass!?) all three Praxis licensure exams.
4.  Drive to Rochester to see Eva.
5.  Send a personal letter to each of my friends who will be working at camp.
6.  Go to Canterbury Park.
7.  Get portfolio as complete as possible.
8.  Enjoy fellowship with friends at Twins games.
9.  Read at least one book by C.S. Lewis.
10.  Read as many Maud Hart Lovelace nominees as possible.
11.  Watch fireworks.
12.  Go camping.
13.  Leave the state of Minnesota.
14.  Go to the beach.
15.  Finish a quilt top.
16.  Become a runner.
17.  See Steve and Laura.
18.  Go to the Quarries.
19.  Meet Mya Kaye Dannen
20.  Write letters that are long overdue.

I'll say that, for the most part, I was fairly unsuccessful in these goals.  Time to analyze?  I suppose so.

1.  The grill at my house was out of commission last summer.  This makes it difficult to successfully host a bbq.  Bengt and I are looking at getting ourselves one... so maybe this could be accomplished this summer?
2.  I actually went to two Saints games this summer.  Success.
3.  Check. Check. Check.
4.  Shoot.  I was on a roll there for a hot second.  Ugh.  Rochester really isn't that far away.  Rochester really isn't that far away.  Maybe if I keep telling myself that, my mind will listen and be up for the challenge.  (See, I REALLY don't drive that long. Or far. Ever.)
5.  Yeah, well... I pretty much did my best to forget that camp existed.  Last summer became the first summer EVER that I haven't spent at least a week there.  A bit liberating, I must say.
6.  Aww man, no, I didn't make it there.  It was free all last summer too... Dumb.
7.  Didn't. Even. Touch it.
8.  Definitely completed.  Many friends. Many games.  Much fellowship.  Loved every minute of it.
9.  Nope.
10.  Nope.
11.  Yes, but not nearly enough.  I saw Robbinsdale's Whiz Bang fireworks.  And, is that it?  It's quite possible... bummer.
12.  No... but it's a definite goal this summer!  After we get married, Bengt can take me out and show me how it's done away from Eagle Ridge.
13.  I meandered into Wisconsin once or twice.
14.  Don't think so.  Pathetic.
15.  That was an easy one... but I still didn't get it done.
16.  Hahahaha.
17.  Fortunately, yes.  I miss them, though.  (Dear SteveandLaura, Please come back to MN to see me.  ThanksAMillion, Emily
18.  :(  I am bummed that I forgot to do all this fun stuff!
19.  Adorable.
20.  Beyond overdue at this point.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring is (almost!) here.  The snow is melting.  The rainstorms are coming.  The sun is shining.  (I've been a Minnesotan long enough to know that these things do not *actually* mean that spring is coming anytime soon... but I'm holding out hope.)  And I am springing!

I am springing because.... Right now, I am on Spring Break.  (Of course, I was sick for the first 3 days... that's how I roll.)  The plan is to get out and enjoy the sunshine as much as I can.  Maybe even get a pedicure to help relieve this spring fever I've got going on.  Also on the agenda:  Finalizing some wedding details, finishing a few quilts, and heading out to Cokato for my fiance's Family Christmas. :)

I am springing because... A month from now, my family and I will be on our way to Disney World.  It's part a Christmas present, part a celebration for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary, and part a "just-for-fun" trip  because my 4 year old niece is just getting to the age where she loves anything and everything princesses.  It will be great (albeit a little stressful) to spend a week with my family, especially now that two out of my three siblings live out of state.

I am springing because... In less than 4 months, I will be marrying my best friend.  So much to say about this... But let me just say that I am So. Incredibly. Excited. to marry and spend the rest of my life with this boy.  As cliche as it might sound, he is better for me than any other guy I could have ever imagined myself ending up with.  I am so happy!

Springing.  Oh, what a joyful time of year!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am not a theologian.***

In fact, despite growing up in a conservative Christian home, attending Sunday School and AWANA on a regular basis, attending and working at a Bible camp for my entire life, and graduating from an evangelical university, I have a difficult time placing myself in one camp on most theological issues.  For a while, I have considered myself less of a Christian because I don't have the Biblical knowledge to take a stand anywhere on the continuum from Greg Boyd to John Piper.  (And, in a sense, I suppose that might be true.)

But there is a reason that I haven't found a place to anchor my feet on a theological view.  Many people seem so certain in their interpretations of the scripture.  Where does that certainty come from?

I have been following the Farewell Rob Bell drama that has been unraveling on Twitter and blog posts over the past few days.  What bothers me about both sides of these debates is the same thing that bothers me with every theological discussion I have ever witnessed.  It's the "I'm right, You're wrong" point of view that everyone seems to take, even though they are reading the same Bible, and have the same genuine interest in interpreting it correctly.

On a blog by Jason Boyett, I read the following (Note: I do not agree with his entire blog post.  However, he stated my theological frustrations well):

The truth is this: In order to be an everyone-get-saved Universalist, as Taylor claims Bell to be, you have to elevate some biblical passages and ignore (or explain away) others. Because there are definitely some passages that seem to be about eternal punishment in hell.


In order to be a predestination-style, God-saves-the-elect reformed Christian -- like Taylor and Piper -- you have to elevate some biblical passages and ignore (or explain away) others. Because there are definitely some passages that seem to contradict predestination.


In order to be a free-will Arminian Christian, you have to elevate some biblical passages and ignore (or explain away) others. Because there are definitely some passages that seem to confirm predestination.

Who is to say which biblical passages should be taken as more important, more correct, than others?  Do we pick the passages that are most comfortable?  The passages that make us feel like we are on the right track?  The passages that set out the path of least resistance between us and heaven?

I really don't know.  I'm not a Calvinist and I'm not an Arminianist.  Not because I'm too lazy to spend time reading my Bible, but because I just don't know how to pick and choose.  Someday, I might dig deeper, and in turn find a place to take a stance.  But for now I will live out what I feel is most important.

Love God.  Love others.  Everything else will fall into place.

*** That's right, I said it.  I am not a theologian.  Those of you who are will inevitably disagree with me on my thoughts and/or opinions in this post.  While I welcome any comments that you might have, please don't try to convert me to "your side."  As Christians, we're all on the same team here.