Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring is (almost!) here.  The snow is melting.  The rainstorms are coming.  The sun is shining.  (I've been a Minnesotan long enough to know that these things do not *actually* mean that spring is coming anytime soon... but I'm holding out hope.)  And I am springing!

I am springing because.... Right now, I am on Spring Break.  (Of course, I was sick for the first 3 days... that's how I roll.)  The plan is to get out and enjoy the sunshine as much as I can.  Maybe even get a pedicure to help relieve this spring fever I've got going on.  Also on the agenda:  Finalizing some wedding details, finishing a few quilts, and heading out to Cokato for my fiance's Family Christmas. :)

I am springing because... A month from now, my family and I will be on our way to Disney World.  It's part a Christmas present, part a celebration for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary, and part a "just-for-fun" trip  because my 4 year old niece is just getting to the age where she loves anything and everything princesses.  It will be great (albeit a little stressful) to spend a week with my family, especially now that two out of my three siblings live out of state.

I am springing because... In less than 4 months, I will be marrying my best friend.  So much to say about this... But let me just say that I am So. Incredibly. Excited. to marry and spend the rest of my life with this boy.  As cliche as it might sound, he is better for me than any other guy I could have ever imagined myself ending up with.  I am so happy!

Springing.  Oh, what a joyful time of year!