Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am just about a week away from finishing another semester of college.  It is my last semester of actual classes, as all that is left is student teaching in the fall.  This term is pretty much over already, actually, with only a few small assignments remaining to complete and turn in.

Then, it's summer.

Summer should be good to me this year.  Though I'll be working some, it will most likely only be one or two days a week.  So, it's looking like 3 months of play before embarking on the last 3 1/2 months of my college (well, undergraduate) career.

Because simply "playing" all summer is probably unacceptable in the eyes of my friends who don't get summer vacations, I have decided to make some goals of things that I plan to (wish to...) accomplish this summer.

Here is the beginning of my list... We'll see how this goes:

1.  Host a BBQ at my house.
2.  Go to a Saints game.
3.  Take (and pass!?) all three Praxis licensure exams.
4.  Drive to Rochester to see Eva.
5.  Send a personal letter to each of my friends who will be working at camp.
6.  Go to Canterbury Park.
7.  Get portfolio as complete as possible.
8.  Enjoy fellowship with friends at Twins games.
9.  Read at least one book by C.S. Lewis.
10.  Read as many Maud Hart Lovelace nominees as possible.
11.  Watch fireworks.
12.  Go camping.
13.  Leave the state of Minnesota.
14.  Go to the beach.
15.  Finish a quilt top.
16.  Become a runner.
17.  See Steve and Laura.
18.  Go to the Quarries.
19.  Meet Mya Kaye Dannen
20.  Write letters that are long overdue.


Laura said...

8 and 17 make a good combo!

Eva Joy said...

YAAAAY #4!!!

Also, your list doesn't help me not be jealous when most of it consists of fun/playful things. :-)